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DDR4 is starting to replace DDR3 memory slowly but surely. Prices are going down and it’s being mainstreamed as well. Before, only high end desktops or X99 platforms are able to take advantage of the DDR4’s speed. Now, with the new Intel 100 series express chipset (on Z170 motherboards), mainstream users, gamers and enthusiasts are also able to take advantage of the DDR4 memory as well. Today, we are going to review the Klevv Cras DDR4 3000MHz 16GB quad channel memory kit from Essencore. The names “Essencore” and “Klevv” may be new to you since the company just started last 2014 and with the full launch of their products this early 2015. We have reviewed their Klevv Genuine, Klevv Urbane and Neo DDR3 memory modules before and now it’s time to put their flagship memory to the test. The Klevv Cras DDR4 quad channel kit we have here is originally designed for X99 systems, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use them with the new Intel Z170 motherboards. In this review, we will be testing the Cras together with an X99 motherboard and a Z170 motherboard. Check out our full review below and find out how good (or bad) this memory is.

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