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LIQMAX III, an entry-level AIO cooler for Intel® and AMD® CPU platforms, is characterized by vivid RGB LED lighting. Water block featuring glossy acrylic cover comes with luminous Aurabelt™ design, which can synchronize with RGB-ready motherboards (pin assignment: +12V/G/R/B). The patented Dual Chamber Design inside water block has a Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) structure, combined with the Shunt-Channel Technology (SCT) on the cold plate, it is able to inject the coolant at the hottest spot to prevent heat surges and shorten the coolant flow path, resulting in faster heat transfer. In addition, the dual-convex blade fan is able to generate down force air pressure and high-volume air flow to provide superior cooling performance. LIQMAX III cooler is an ideal choice for mainstream water-cooler RGB gaming rigs.

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