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Durability Makes Perfect

Superior Features

Rexus Gaming Headset Vonix F30 is made specifically for PC gamers, comes with a simple and solid design, prioritizing in its utility. Vonix F30 is also made of high-durability material, as high as other Rexus gaming headsets which have been used on some game center. It appears strongly, without setting aside the main function as a sound producer, producing detail and wide range sound, like any other gaming headset characteristic in general.

  • Using 50mm diameter driver to produce powerful sound,
  • Equipped with a flexible microphone stick and a 5mm diameter microphone which pick up sounds from various direction,
  • Comes with RGB LED which systematically radiate a wide spectrum of colors,
  • Wide, convenient, and strong headband,
  • Completed with over-ear earpad, convenient to use for longer duration.

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